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Because you have an interest in earning more income or working from home, I have contacted you. Let me tell you some things we are going to do after you sign up to my list.

#1 - We will be having google hangouts mastermind meetings.

#2 - We will form a board, set agendas, take minuets and take action (decide what kind of corporation we will create and who will do what).

#3 - Create a business plan, seek investors or if the business is one that doesn't require capital we will start on the business plan.

Start HERE:

*STEP #1 - Sign up below with your email address.

*STEP #2 - Send me an email AT: In that email introduce yourself and let me know what position you would like on the board; *President *Vice President *Secretary *Treasurer *5th Board Member OR General Member (active voting member of organization.

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